12 May 2011

Week in Review: The Duchess of Cambridge, 1-7 May

Here's what Catherine wore from 1-7 May:

  1. At the grocery store, 5 May, in Hudson jeans, French Soles ballerina flats, and a Minnie Rose cashmere shawl. You know, if she really wants to work the whole "Princesses! Duchesses! They're just like us!" angle, she should have turned up in her finest Lululemon gear, pretending she just came from yoga like a cool kid when really she just rolled off the couch, fresh off her latest nap, and couldn't be bothered. Now that would be just like us. (Only me? Fine. Carry on.)
P.S.: If you feel like copying Kate's supermarket style, or any of her other styles, you should be following What Kate Wore. They'll hook you up.

Photo: Bruce Adams/Daily Mail