30 May 2011

Week in Review: Princess Beatrice, 22-28 May

Here's what Beatrice wore from 22-28 May:

  1. At the Chelsea Flower Show, 23 May, a) with jacket, b) without, and c) from Roland Mouret. Still girlcrushing on this look, though it was obviously a downhill week from this point...
  2. Out to dinner with Sarah and Eugenie, 25 May. See, this is just okay, nothing horrendous, nothing fantastic.
  3. At the racetrack in Monaco, 28 May. And this, well, this is a fine dress...and clearly the shoes you bring that you only plan on wearing when your feet just can't take all your other shoe options anymore.
Photos: Getty Images/Daylife/Bergdorff Goodman/Xposurephotos.com/Daily Mail//Isopix