28 May 2011

Week in Review: Princess Letizia, 15-21 May

Here's what Letizia wore from 15-21 May:

  1. Attending the funeral of Fernando Moreno y de Borbón, 18 May. Last week the earthquake stuff, this week a funeral...I hope she gets an engagement holding puppies or something soon.
  2. Audiences at Zarzuela Palace, 18 May, a) on Letizia, and b) from Hugo Boss Orange. Have also seen this said to be from Adolfo Dominquez, so you be the judge. I don't care who made it: I'm not a fan. I say, if you're going for a baggy top, have a good fit on the bottom. Not bagginess all the way around - nobody wants to die from drowning by fabric.

Photos: Diario Feminino/Hugo Boss/Life