15 May 2011

Week in Review: Princess Mathilde, 1-7 May

Here's what Mathilde wore from 1-7 May:

  1. Visiting the Tutankhamun exhibit in Brussels, 3 May. This is sweet. Almost too sweet, with that belt...but she's awfully sweet herself, so that saves it. (I mean, there are pictures of her clutching a teddy bear from this event! Come on!)
  2. Opening "Focus on the Belgian Development Cooperation", 4 May, a) front view and b) full view. Is it pink? Is it orange? Tangerine? Some other fruit? And army green? Innnnteresting.
  3. Visiting the Bloom Wingerd center, 5 May. Mixing prints on the skirt and shirt...once again, I say: innnnteresting. I didn't know I was going to need my n key so much this week.
Photos: HLN/Reuters/Belga/Isopix