19 June 2011

Event Roundup: Royal Ascot 2011

Five days of racing, five days of hats and fashion galore. Relive the magic:

Presenting our overall winners:

Best Hat
The Countess of Wessex
Princess Michael brought some fierce competition with her ball of fur and feathers on Day 4, but Sophie's peacock turns wins the race for being fun, fierce and stylish, all at once. (Note that Princess Haya's Day 3 purple love was a close runner up!)

Worst Dressed
Princess Eugenie, Day 1
What's worse than a thirty-year-old wonder from Princess Anne? A bona fide hot mess. I still can't figure this baffling lace and snakeskin combo out.

Best Dressed
Princess Beatrice, Day 1
Not Ascot crazy, no. But sometimes lovely is all it takes to win the week.

Who wins your prizes for Ascot week?

Photos: Getty/Daylife