16 June 2011

Royal Fashion Awards: Ascot 2011, Ladies' Day

It's day 3 of Ascot and it is it should be the best day yet: Ladies' Day! Also known as crazy hat Mecca. The question is: did the royals live up to the occasion? Let us see...

Best Roller Coaster
Princess Anne
Day 1, icy blue perfection. Day 2, stale mustard. Day 3...back on top! And dressed in purple, just for me. (Ha.) Whatever will tomorrow bring? Way to keep us on our toes, Anne.

Best in Non-Ladies' Day Form
Queen Elizabeth
There's definitely something to be said for consistency...but sometimes I just wish Liz would kick it up a notch for days like today. It'd probably scar my retinas for life, but at least we'd have a laugh. Surely that hairnet isn't the only nutty thing banging around in her closet? In the mean time, I suppose hot watermelon pink will have to do.

Best Try
Carole Middleton
All the chatter over the Middletons riding in a carriage today and being in the royal box kinda cracked me up. They have a stake in a horse racing today, why wouldn't they be there? Sophie's father was in a carriage yesterday, no comment on that. People seem to be grasping for things to hyperventilate over in Kate's absence. So good on Carole here for not giving it to them in the form of a fashion disaster. This hat is weird, but whatever.

Worst Loss of Mojo
Princess Beatrice
Seems that one princess-y effort wasn't a permanent trend (sigh). This is just...I mean...it's fine. It's not anything, really. It's like she tried to do something a little trussed up for Ladies' Day, but she forgot to work it. Bea's done lost her hat mojo.

Worst Race Rerun
The Countess of Wessex
Epsom, and now Ascot. While I can credit her for a flattering coat and for mixing up the hat on her repeat, I'm just a little bored overall. With the whole field. Poor Sophie, it's not her fault. UPDATE: I've added the hat into the equation now...and, well, at least somebody brought a little something out of the ordinary.

Best in Lovely
Princess Haya
I know some of you were a bit perturbed to learn that Haya here is one of multiple wives for the Sheikh (see our discussion on just exactly who Princess Haya is here), but I tell you, I have a soft spot for her. Doesn't she look like she'd be just lovely to have a chat with? As Crown Princess Katherine is to royal weddings, Princess Haya is to royal racing.

Worst in Missing Persons
Zara Phillips

You know what we needed today? Some Zara. Where is she? Why has she not been at Ascot for a while? She always brings something interesting to talk about. I need a Bat Signal or something.

Best in Ladies' Day Fashion
Absolutely Nobody

This whole day was a little pffftblerghsigh, wouldn't you say? The answer to my question (did the royals live up to the occasion) is: no. What's the matter, Windsors? Rain got you down? How come not a one of you really embraced the Ladies' Day spirit? People wear dead animals just for this occasion, you know. Two days left for you to redeem yourselves. Don't let us down.

How are you feeling about the Ladies' Day fashion? Am I the only one that's a bit let down?

Photos: Chris Jackson/Getty Images/Daylife/Daily Mail/Isopix/Rex Features