24 June 2011

Royal Fashion Awards: Luxembourg's National Day

Yesterday was National Day in Luxembourg! You know how I love it when the Lux royals come out to play. The family attends the Te Deum mass, and then the Grand Duke and Hereditary Grand Duke review troops and watch a parade with the Grand Duchess. And they get all dressed up and everything:

Best Pepto Bismol
Grand Duchess Maria Teresa
THIS IS A LOT OF PINK. I like the shape on her. I certainly do like my Grand Duchess in a bit of color and a pillbox hat. And yet...THIS IS A LOT OF PINK. Also, I'm concerned that the thing on her shoulder might be trying to eat her alive.

Worst U.M.O.
Princess Tessy
What's a U.M.O., you ask? It's an Unidentified Millinery Object. I feel like if Dale Chihuly did hats, this is the hat that Dale Chihuly would do. Except that he'd do it in a rainbow, and I'd probably have to like it on principle if he did. But he didn't, so I'm out. (And so, probably, are the rest of you that have no clue what in Chihuly hell I'm on about.) I'll say this for it: girlfriend seems to be working it. And so is her husband...really, Louis? A matching tie?

Worst Raincoat
Princess Alexandra
Look how lovely Princess Alexandra is. Another Alexandra to add to my list of royals that I want to hang with. And that's why this coat pains me so. Standing still, it's passable, but in action (see her walk here)....no. Nooooo.

We usually get a picture or two of the gala (think: MT in a tiara), so I'll update when those pop up.

On the day before National Day, the family gets the party started by visiting various spots around the country: on Wednesday, the Grand Duke and Duchess visited the municipality of Niederanven, and the Hereditary Grand Duke and his sister Princess Alexandra visited Esch-sur-Alzette. Then the whole family comes out for a band performance and fireworks show in the evening.
Best in Day-Glo
Princess Alexandra
Once again, Alexandra has worn Natan, and once again, I am dubious. But this is fairly suited to her age (as far as Natan goes) so I'll buy in. If nothing else, it made her easy to spot in the crowd, right?

Best in Sparkle
Maria Teresa in the Evening
Here's MT in her (and my) beloved Elie Saab. And while I could quibble over fit and what have you, I won't. Because this is super elegant and classy. Also, it sparkles.

Best in Red
Maria Teresa in Niederanven and Tessy at the Concert/Fireworks
Looks like Maria Teresa has a red version of the purple dress we just saw in Norway! Nothing wrong with that. Nothing wrong with Tessy here, either. Looks like she might have a little military flair going on in the jacket, which I love. (Also: Louis, if you're gonna match your tie to your wife, this is the way to go about it.)

Do you have any Luxembourg favorites?

Photos: PPE/v.d.Werf/Tageblatt