12 June 2011

Royal Fashion Awards: Prince Philip's 90th Birthday Service

The royal family decided to keep yesterday's party going and celebrate the 90th birthday of Prince Philip today (Duke of Edinburgh, consort to the Queen, hilarious international treasure). A private service with arrivals and departures in the rain doesn't exactly yield excellent photos, but we'll carry on anyway:

Best in Wedding Repeats
The Duchess of Cambridge
Left to Right: the Duchess of Cornwall, the Duchess of Cambridge, the Duchess of Gloucester
Yesterday, Camilla busted out her wedding hat; today, the dress! Can't blame her, it's one of her best, but I wish her shoes had been a closer match to the hat color to bring this together just a little bit more. I'll give the prize for this category to Kate, because she wore a COLOR (see, it doesn't take that much to please me), even if she did pair it with one of those fascinators that makes your head look oddly flat. (She's in this category because this coat is a repeat from one of her many wedding guest appearances, FYI.) Had the Duchess of Gloucester worn yesterday's outfit today, perhaps she could have seen a prize...but instead she went with the polka dot clown dress from William and Kate's wedding. And not even a fierce hat this time to save it. Oh, poor Birgitte.

Worst in Superfluous Additions
Princess Michael of Kent
L to R: the Princess Royal, Princess Michael of Kent, Crown Princess Pavlos of Greece
Yesterday, Eugenie won the prize for the most superfluous bow addition; today, Princess Michael absolutely runs away with it. What is the deal with that thing? Rare is the woman that can pull off major Alexis Carrington looks, and when one that can chooses not to...well, the results are simply tragic. In other strange hat addition news, Princess Anne's sporting a puzzler. A flower? And a net? Let's just keep her in a uniform, and leave it at that. Marie-Chantal is wearing what is basically her uniform (the uniform of the Couture Army, that is) - but this time, dare I say it, she's gone too far. I'm weeping as I type this, but I think the shoes have to go. And you know how I feel about SHOES.

Best of the Almost Best
Lady Frederick Windsor
L to R: the Countess of Wessex, Princess Theodora of Greece and Denmark, Lady Frederick Windsor, Lady Nicholas Windsor, Princess Beatrice
Sometimes it's almost more sad when an outfit is thisclose to greatness than when it's a total miss, if you know what I mean. For example, I like Sophie Wessex's outfit, and I like Lady Nicholas, but...something's missing. Soph needed a little more and Paola needed a little less. Beatrice I'm sticking here because she's committed the sin of not posing properly, and that's almost ruining what looks like a perfectly tame outfit. And the other Sophie (Lady Fred Windsor) and Theodora are here for their membership in the Almost Tarty Club. Sophie's looking fab, but it pains me (AGAIN) to say: the shoes are a bit much. A bit too stripper-y. Theodora's actually looking fab too, it seems she's wearing the proper size of clothes for once - except for the skirt. Let's take that down a few inches, hmm? You're in church.

Best of the Best
Lady Sarah Chatto
L to R: Autumn Phillips, Princess Beatrice, the Countess of Ulster, Lady Sarah Chatto, Viscountess Linley, Zara Phillips
A long roster of A+ outfits today, how terribly exciting. First up, we have Autumn, in electric blue with a snazzy belt and a fierce hat (and a yummy husband - yes, she gets points for that). Second, Eugenie, in a shockingly ladylike ensemble. I love it when princesses dress like princesses. Third, the Countess of Ulster in gray, simple as can be but awfully flattering and totally cute, no? Fourth, Lady Sarah: YAY for Lady Sarah! It's like she knew how many jumpy claps she caused with that amazing gray ensemble from William and Kate's wedding, and she decided to give us another go. Far and away the best of the day. Fifth, Serena Linley in a sneakily simple and ladylike ensemble. I love when elegance just sneaks up behind you. And speaking of things sneaking up behind you: Zara Phillips, who makes the best list not because of the hat, or the coat, or the shoes, but because of the hair - here's a screenshot. Dear Zara: Please lend your hairdresser to your new cousin Kate. Many thanks, OoS.

And In a Category All Their Own...
Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth
Unstoppable, these two. God love 'em. If you're looking to waste some time, I suggest checking out the documentary Prince Philip at 90: see it on YouTube here.

What did you think of the royal fashion on display for Prince Philip's birthday?

Photos: Ken Goff/Isopix/Rex Features/Getty Images/Daylife/Zimbio/Daily Mail