25 June 2011

Style Speculation: Charlene Wittstock's Bridal Gown

With one week to go, it's time for another round of everyone's favorite game: The Royal Bridal Guessing Game!

What will Charlene Wittstock wear for her big day? Here's what we know: she'll have 2 dresses, one for her civil wedding and one for her religious wedding. Since the religious one is the thing that we (well, I) really care about, let's skip right to that.

Armani has been confirmed as the designer, and this is no surprise: he's been taking care of Charlene for a long time. Queen Rania is a big fan, and if the Belgians aren't trouncing about in Natan, they're probably in Armani. I was surprised, given his level of royal popularity, to find only two royal wedding dresses to his name. (Unless someone's got one I'm missing?)
Left to Right: Archduchess Catharina von Österreich, Princess Tatjana of Leichtenstein
Well, he's no Valentino, that's for sure. If this is any indication, simple will be the name of the game.

If we branch out from the royal circle into some of the celebrity gowns Armani has whipped up, though, we find that that's not necessarily the rule:
L to R: Danielle Spencer, Katie Holmes, Megan Fox, Mira Sorvino
So, not really a cohesive look.

Here are some of the more notable Armani confections that Charlene has sported, for further reference:
Now, let's play our game.

What will Charlene's wedding gown will look like?

My guess: very simple, not much in the way of lace and/or other baubles. With a slim skirt, as I just can't picture her in a full one. And an epic train/veil length - they're making a big to-do of this wedding, you know. Can't be too simple.

Your turn!