30 June 2011

Tiara Thursday: Grace's Small Diamond Tiara

Last Monaco tiara before the big day! Everybody, please cross your fingers in sync for plenty of tiara love in one form or another during the festivities.

This diamond number I have no better name for than the Small Diamond Tiara, but that's okay. It's not particularly fancy itself, so I think it'll do just fine with a plain name.

This small diamond setting was perhaps Grace's most worn tiara, which isn't really a surprise given that her taste tilted more towards elaborate hairstyles than elaborate jewels.

She had a tendency to nestle it into those hairdos so that you can barely tell it's there, which is either a crying shame or a mark of class (not needing to show off your diamonds, just having them there, that is), depending on your perspective. Once again, I bow in the face of brilliant tiara hair.

I have wondered if this piece was also worn by Princess Caroline - the shape of her hair ornament for her pre-wedding ball in 1978 would seem to match - but have never found a clear enough picture to tell.

Despite the small size, I've always loved this tiara for its delicate nature, and would love to see it make a reappearance. What about you: too small, or just right?