06 June 2011

Week in Review: Crown Princess Mette-Marit, 29 May - 4 June

Here's what Mette-Marit wore from 29 May - 4 June:

  1. At the welcome ceremony for the Grand Duke and Grand Duchess of Luxembourg's state visit, 30 May, a) on Mette-Marit, and b) the dress from the Valentino runway. What's with the coat? Looks like she borrowed one from her husband at the last minute and tossed it on over her (otherwise) feminine ensemble.
  2. Gala dinner, 30 May. Danger: sash conflicts ahead.
  3. Day 2 of the state visit, 31 May. 
  4. Reception on Day 2 of the state visit. I like this! No, scratch that: I like the idea of this. I like the idea of a big skirt with a big print and a cardigan on top. But I think you've got to have a few things in order before you can pull it off: 1) a snugly fit cardi that doesn't involve a bow across your boobs; 2) a skirt/dress underneath that's not a one-shouldered affair (that's what this looks like, doesn't it?); and 3) a fancier hairstyle. You have to fancy something up if you're going to go with an evening cardigan. 
You can see the Grand Duchess's wardrobe from the state visit in her week in review post. For now: more gala gowns!
Märtha Louise: radiant. Astrid: either a great look for her or a repurposed nightie, depending on your perspective. Sonja: ....oh, Sonja.

Astrid in the Vasa Tiara, Mette-Marit in her (oh so tiny) wedding tiara, Sonja in the larger version of Queen Maud's Pearl Tiara, and Märtha Louise in King Olav's Gift Tiara. Is it just me, or does that headband-placement of M-M's tiara just not work?

Photos: siste.no/APA PictureDesk/Style.com/Getty Images/Daylife