30 June 2011

Week in Review: The Duchess of Cambridge, 26 June - 2 July, Part 1

During the Cambridge's North American tour, I'll be splitting Catherine's looks into multiple review posts since even I don't write posts as crazy long as a full week would be. So, Part 1:

1. At the royal box for Wimbledon, 27 June, a) on Kate and b) with the LK Bennett shoes on display; c) the dress from Temperley London, and d) Secret Agent Wills at Wimbledon, just because I find him entertaining. Kate also wore those diamond and sapphire Are-They-Or-Aren't-They-Diana's earrings again, as well as the famous Bracelet of Controversy, and carried a beige clutch and a brown jacket.
I said it on Twitter, and I'll say it again: kicky little tennis dress. I like it, and I'm ever so glad she didn't have to put the jacket on top. The detail on the back of the straps would bug the crap out of me if I wore this - looks like the kind of thing that would get all messed up on your seat back, or that someone could stand behind you and flick at. (I guess this means we know Secret Agent Wills isn't the kind of husband that annoys his wife for sport.)

2. Leaving Heathrow Airport for Canada, 30 June, a) on Kate, b) the dress from Roland Mouret, and c) the jacket from Smythe. Her shoes are Manolo Blahniks and her bag is Mulberry.
Basically, if I had the money - and the body, but that's a different discussion - my daily uniform would be Roland Mouret and Manolos. Kudos are due to Mrs. Cambridge here: she went French (Mouret), Canadian (Smythe), British (Mulberry) and Fabulous (Blahnik), all in one outfit. That's the mark of a black belt in international political dressing. And this is just the ho-hum, excuse me while I board my private plane look.

3. Arriving in Canada and the first events of the day in Ottawa, 30 June, a) on Kate, and b) from Erdem, with the same shoes and clutch as at Wimbledon. She also wore the diamond and cabochon sapphire earrings she wore on engagement day.
4. An evening barbecue with young people, 30 June, in an Issa dress.
I'd say Erdem's the biggest Canadian name in high fashion, so the second outfit of the day is a smart move indeed. There's that black belt again, karate-chopping her way into Canada's arms. As for the actual dress...eh. Maybe I'm just a little burnt out on the navy overload, or maybe I'm just not a fan of navy lace dresses. I have no complaints of substance here, it just doesn't flip my skirt up. Sadly, neither does the last dress (which she's had for a long time and was last seen the day before the wedding), and I blame it on one thing: the shoes. Can we have the Manolos back, please? (And yes, I know, more comfortable, long day, etc. But my shoe-loving heart wants what it wants.)

How's she doing so far? Do you have a favorite look yet?

Photos: PA/Daily Mail/Film Magic/Getty Images/Daylife/AP Photo/Net-a-porter/Globe and Mail/Chris Wattie/Reuters