07 June 2011

Week in Review: The Duchess of Cambridge, 29 May - 4 June

Here's what Catherine wore from 29 May - 4 June:

1. At the Epsom Derby, 4 June, a) on Kate, b) the jacket from Joseph, c) the dress from Reiss, with a Whiteleys beret and LK Bennett shoes and bag. You guys, I was so relieved to see some of you come out in the comments on the Derby post and admit that you weren't in wild head-over-heels swoony sartorial love with this. I thought I was going to be all by my lonesome.

Because while I would never call something like this a disaster, or a fashion don't, this is not the stuff of sartorial excitement. It's a bit harsh, this jacket - a bit mumsy, if you ask me, and I shall never understand how she managed to find a jacket that's too small for her wee frame - and an odd pairing with the froufrou skirt of the dress underneath. And I will admit to a sigh upon realizing that she'd returned to her old standby outfit of dress + jacket. Needs something, needs some pep. Needs just a baby toe stepped out of the Land of Safe.

And so I continue to repeat to myself that this is only like her second appearance as a married lady, and she's still getting her feet under her, and the rumors say she's advertising for servants to include a dresser...perhaps the fabulous is still on the way...perhaps there's more to come...please let there be more to come...excuse me, I've started muttering.
Photos: Reiss/Selfridges/Mirror