13 June 2011

Week in Review: The Duchess of Cambridge, 5-11 June

Here's what Catherine wore from 5-11 June:

  1. Out shopping, 9 June. Oh! A serious color, you know I love that.
  2. More shopping, 9 June. Two shopping outfits on the same day...that's the life, my friends. Where can I sign up for that? Harry, call me.
  3. Attending the ARK Gala, 9 June, a) on Kate, b) from Jenny Packham and shoes from LK Bennett. She also carried a Prada clutch and wore Links of London earrings. Similar dresses have been worn on Gossip Girl and by Dita von Teese (of all the people you never thought Kate would be lumped in with...). Everybody was gushing over this one; personally, I found it very encouraging. I'm choosing to consider this a baby step into magpie territory: start small, just some sparkle on the gown, and before you know it, she'll be piling on the diamonds. Right? (Just nod and smile. If I'm wrong, I'd prefer to let the disappointment set in gradually over the years.) I am also choosing to consider this a step into serious shoe territory: pink with bows? Yes, please! Let's bring these babies out again with a shorter skirt so they can really shine.
  4. Trooping the Colour, 11 June, a) on Kate, and b) the coat from Alexander McQueen. The hat is from Philip Treacy, and is a black version of the one Queen Sonja wore to Kate's wedding (talk about another person you never thought you'd lump Kate's style in with). I was totally bored when I saw her in the carriage; the coat just looked like a plain cream suit, and the hat is weird. I was all prepped to take another neutral nap. But I can't hate now, because she wore McQueen, and it does have the potential for fierceness. I'm not sure she's quite there yet (like I said, she's still missing the riding crop...), but once again I am encouraged.
  5. Attending the wedding of Sam Waley-Cohen and Annabell Ballin, 11 June. And for her next trick to make me declare this a good week, Kate pulled out the ultimate illusion: she dressed her sister up like this...and stood next to her. SHAZAM! Kate looks amazing! She could have worn anything, really, so this repeated dress and hat from the morning certainly make the grade. Listen, if you can come up with any shred of logic for the things The Pips has thrown together here...I need to know. Report back in the comments.
Best and Worst of the Week
The sparkly thing wins the week, because, well, hello. Logic tells us that Outfit 2 has to be the worst, because we can't go calling anything in living color bad, nor can we do that for McQueen, and my hands are tied on number 5 because of the magic Fug Pippa trick. So, there you have it. What say you?

(Pssst: before someone asks, week in review posts end on Saturday, that's why the blue number isn't here. Besides, we have to save some color for next week, just in case we need it.)
    Photos: Popsugar/Arthur Edwards/Rota/Daily Mail/Jenny Packham/LK Bennett/Getty Images/Daylife/Net-a-porter