06 June 2011

Week in Review: Grand Duchess Maria Teresa, 29 May - 4 June

Here's what Maria Teresa wore from 29 May - 4 June:

1. Attending a mass for the Octave.
2. At the closing of the Octave of Our Lady of Luxembourg, 29 May. Strange brim on this hat, no? Very...severe. Or something.
3. The welcome ceremony to kick off the state visit from Luxembourg to Norway, 30 May. Ah, the Spring Wonder again! And this time it's grown a little pillbox hat and a cornucopia of fresh produce (maybe?) as a brooch. Still love it, I do. Fantastic shape for her, and she's uniquely suited for this color scheme.
4. More events on Day 1 of the state visit, 30 May. Also worn sans hat. Plain, but I like it.
5. The gala dinner, 30 May. It always bothers me when she uses her wraps as permanent parts of her dress. [Caution: rant ahead.] Can you imagine how annoying that must be? To eat and shake hands and such while keeping your wrap permanently glued to your upper arms? I mean, if you're uncomfortable showing off that part of your body, just don't wear strapless gowns. [End rant.]

Let's pause for a brief diamond break, shall we? We shall.
On her head, Joséphine-Charlotte's Diamond Belgian Scroll Tiara; around her neck, a necklace that can also be worn as a tiara (though not very successfully, in my humble opinion). You will not find that piece in my list of Maria Teresa's tiaras as I've never seen a picture of her wearing it as such. (Same goes for the other tiara-convertible sapphire necklace and sapphire bracelet the family has.) I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong on that, but until then, I'll just assume she agrees with me about the unsuccessfulness of its tiara capabilities.

[And now we return to our regularly scheduled weekly review...]
6. Day 2, 31 May. Uh oh, the Shapeless Suit has returned. A shame.
7. More on Day 2. Sort of the same as Outfit 3...so yes, I really do like this shape on MT.
8. Still on Day 2, the Day of Outfit Changes, I guess, which means she has to repeat Outfit 1!
9. Reception at the end of Day 2. Apparently, we all liked this dress so much when she wore it in red, she went and ordered a second in Kermit Green! We can assume this one is also Elie Saab, then. I confess, I miss the gorgeous deep red, but this is still a great dress. (And you see what I mean about a gown that just covers the arms, MT? So much easier!)

Here, the state visit road ends for our Grand Duchess, even though her husband and the Norwegian royals carried on for another day. Maria Teresa's brother is very ill in the States, and she departed to be with him. You can see the rest of the state visit from the Norwegian side in Mette-Marit's week in review post.

Let's backtrack for a moment to the other significant event of the week: the closing of the Octave in Luxembourg usually gets a fair family turnout, and this year was no exception.
 Left to Right: Princess Tessy, Princess Alexandra, Prince Louis (half hidden behind Alexandra), the Hereditary Grand Duke, the Grand Duchess, the Grand Duke
Love, love Tessy's look, from the big ol' hat right down to the red purse. Alexandra's not making a bad showing either, though she seems a bit thrown together, with her beige(-ish?) fascinator, white coat, navy or black dress, and black shoes.
And the gentlemen...well, they certainly make them dapper in Luxembourg, don't they? Even the littlest family members turned up for the day's balcony appearance:
Prince Noah and Prince Gabriel, sons of Louis and Tessy, dapper princes in training. (Good call taking the hat off, Tessy. Can't you just see one of those boys yanking it off and giving it a toss over the edge?)

Photos: Siste.no/Cour grand-ducale/RTL/Tageblatt/Mark Wilwert/Wort/Vic Fischbach/Getty Images/Daylife/AP Photo/Reuters