30 June 2011

Week in Review: Grand Duchess Maria Teresa, 19-25 June

Here's what Maria Teresa wore from 19-25 June:

  1. Pre-National Day visit to Niederanven, 22 June. As noted previously, the red and pink version of the purple dress she has.
  2. a) Concert, 22 June, b) the detail on the jacket (and some cute married peopleness), c) the runway version from Elie Saab. The best of the National Day celebrations for me!
  3. National Day, 23 June. This has got to be Natan, I mean, what other explanation is there? Those are Natan shoes (owned also by Maxima and Mathilde), and that is the same hat she wore in Norway, just in blinding pink this time.
Now, I shall go and pout that we have yet to see any gala photographs from this year's National Day celebrations. No party this year, or just being shy about it?

Photos: PPE/Hola/Tageblatt/Yannis Vlamos/Gorunway.com/Style.com