27 June 2011

Week in Review: Princess Beatrice, 19-25 June

Here's what Beatrice wore from 19-25 June:

  1. a - f) On holiday in the French Riviera, and showing up all those people that made fun of her in a bikini a few years ago. You go, Bea!
  2. Attending Elton John's White Tie and Tiara Ball, 23 June, a) on Beatrice and b) from Elie Saab. It's just my idea of heaven, you know?
Now, the big Beatrice style news this week: the Daily Mail (yeah, eye roll) says Bea has hired a stylist, who is responsible for the Elie Saab, and all the way back to that Roland Mouret that I loved so very much. I believe it, and I'm not at all surprised. The article says that she got help after the royal wedding debacle, but it wouldn't surprise me if there was a stylist involved in getting her into Valentino couture for the big day. (I won't blame the stylist for that hat, though. That's all Treacy's fault.) I say good for her, and I hope the stylist is teaching and not just dictating when it comes to these wonderful ensembles.

The Daily Mail also names a price for that Elie Saab wonder: £73,000. Nancy left a comment asking if we all believed that price. Here's my answer: I believe 100% that is a valid price; I believe 0% that Bea paid anything nearing that, if she paid at all. This is couture. We're talking every single embellishment (probably the priciest embellishments available) hand sewn, custom everything. If a regular Jane such as myself walked into Elie Saab off the street, I bet that's the bill I'd get. But Bea, working through a stylist...paid after a hefty discount, or wore the dress as a loan for the night. What do you think?

Photos: Bauer Griffin/Zimbio/Xclusive Pix/Daily Mail/Umberto Fratini/GoRunway.com/Style.com/Wire Image