23 June 2011

Week in Review: Princess Eugenie, 12-18 June

Here's what Eugenie wore from 12-18 June:

  1. Attending Prince Philip's birthday celebration service, 12 June.
  2. Prince Phillip's birthday dinner, 12 June.
  3. Royal Ascot, Day 1, 14 June, a) on Eugenie and b) from Issa.
  4. Royal Ascot, Day 4, 17 June.
  5. Royal Ascot, Day 5, 18 June, a) on Eugenie and b) from Alexander McQueen.
All things considered (meaning, yes, we still have our usual causes for whineage on fit and tailoring and such), I like where Eugenie's going here. Numbers 1, 4, and 5 are all on the right track for silhouettes that she can rock. (I still love 5, haters! You can't persuade me otherwise, so there!) Now if we could just figure out an explanation for poor old outfit 3...

Photos: Isopix/Rex Features/Robin Bell/Daily Mail/Ken Goss/Net-a-porter/Daylife/Getty Images