17 June 2011

Week in Review: Princess Madeleine, 5-11 June

Here's what Madeleine wore from 5-11 June:

  1. a) and b) meandering around New York with her boyfriend at some point.
  2. Opening an exhibition at the American-Swedish Historical Museum in Philadelphia, 5 June. Can't really see it, but it definitely has princess potential!
  3. National Day festivities in Sweden, 6 June. Can't go wrong with national costume.
  4. Out and about in Stockholm, 9 June. This I like, this I would wear myself.
  5. At a meeting of the World Childhood Foundation, 9 June.
  6. At a café in Stockholm on her birthday, 10 June. Nothing says "festive" for one's birthday like pink trousers. Happy 29th, Madde!
Photos: SVT/Royal Court/Billed Bladet/BEW