29 June 2011

Week in Review: Princess Máxima, 19-25 June

Here's what Máxima wore from 19-25 June:

  1. Opening the Social Performance Task Force conference, 21 June. At least we've had a year to recover since the last notorious double outing of this mustard-bowed wonder.
  2. Attending the Love Concert at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, 22 June. Oh, Máx. You so crazy. Reader Lyrebirdgully sent this outfit in with a bit more info: this concert had a Spanish theme, and the guests were Dutch citizens with non-Dutch backgrounds. As good a place as any to fly her Argentine background flag, really. And yet...no. This is a costume. She might as well plop a bunch of fruit on her head and drop by for a set at the Copa on her way back to the palace.
  3. Visiting the Museum Park Orientalis, 24 June. Just a little dose of sanity, to round out the week. Phew!
Photos: PPE/Getty Images/Daylife/Belga