17 June 2011

Week in Review: Princess Máxima, 5-11 June

Here's what Máxima wore from 5-11 June:

  1. Opening a sculpture exhibit in The Hague, 6 June. She's like a monk, with that rope belt. A monk from Sesame Street.
  2. At an event to prevent children from leaving school, 7 June. This one has potential, if it weren't for that Flintstones necklace (to continue with my children's programming theme).
  3. At a seminar at the Royal Tropical Institute, 8 June. You know, for Natan, this is extraordinarily lovely. I suspect this beige wonder might just be my favorite of the week.
  4. Opening a building later that day. And we're back to Natan's usual tricks. What did we decide to call this color when Michelle Obama wore it?
  5. At the opening of the European Microfinance Network's annual conference, 9 June. This is the dress version of the coat that she owns, and while it is lovely, I can't help but begin the countdown to when we inevitably see them together in one giant black and white explosion.
Photos: PPE/Dutch Photo Press