29 July 2011

Flashback Friday: Charles and Diana's Wedding Guests

Today marks 30 years since the wedding of the Prince of Wales and Lady Diana Spencer. I've already had my say on Diana's infamous wedding gown. Instead, let's mark the occasion with some glorious 1980s fashions from a selection of their royal guests!

Princess Anne debuted the yellow-flowered wonder - topped with a steaming vat of boiling nacho cheese, by the looks of it - that she would repeat 27 years later to win her a place on my list of the Top 10 Worst Dressed Royal Wedding Guests. Princess Margaret appears to have some sort of one-shouldered cape in place, which must have been nothing but pure fun to wear. The Queen's in blue, but the real story of course is the magnificent and ultra-sparkly Williamson brooch on her shoulder. (Drool.)

Continuing the drooling, the best of the royals for the day simply must be the Queen Mother, and not just because of that hunk of diamonds on her shoulder.
It's like a mint green ostrich ran straight into her, full speed, and spontaneously combusted. Amazing.

Plenty of other royals were in attendance for the big day. Anybody up for a rousing game of Pin the Tail on the HRH?

Sadly, not that many good photos of the foreign royals are still around today (if they even existed in the first place). Most royal families were in attendance with the biggest exception being Spain, who objected to Charles and Diana boarding the royal yacht at Gibraltar for their honeymoon.
If you squint real hard, you'll see:
  1. Queen Fabiola of the Belgians, awfully elegant in her print.
  2. Crown Princess Sonja of Norway (now Queen), overdosing on her print.
  3. Queen Silvia of Sweden, sticking out of the crowd in lime green.
  4. Queen Margrethe of Denmark, completely tasteful in baby blue.
  5. Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, partially in hiding but looking terribly typical.
  6. Grand Duchess Joséphine Charlotte of Luxembourg, another elegant lady in blue.
  7. Princess Grace of Monaco, rather chic in her giant hat.
  8. Princess Georgina of Liechtenstein, utterly appropriate for an English floral wedding.
Just in case you're feeling nostalgic, the entire wedding can be viewed on the internets. You didn't have anything better to do with your Friday, did you? Here's Part 1:

Photos: Corbis