04 July 2011

The Prince and Princess of Monaco's Wedding: The Gentlemen, Part 2

What a wedding, huh? Not only do we get a feast of tiaras, we get men in two uniform changes. Just delightful. See part 1, the men in uniforms and morning coats at the religious wedding, here, and here's part 2, the men at the evening ball:

The contingent with the Monegasque royals, from left to right:
  1. Pierre Casiraghi.
  2. Andrea Casiraghi. Is it just me, or do the Casiraghi boys usually look more James Bond-ish in their evening wear?
  3. Alex Dellal, Charlotte's boyfriend.
Father and son acts, left to right:
  1. King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden and his son...
  2. Prince Carl Philip of Sweden, who was apparently in a party mood.
  3. King Albert II of the Belgians and his sons...
  4. Prince Philippe of Belgium and...
  5. Prince Laurent of Belgium, having some sort of weird vest situation.
  6. Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg and his son...
  7. The Hereditary Grand Duke of Luxembourg, Guillaume. As you may know, a weakness of mine. (I have a lot of weaknesses).
More princes in evening uniforms and white tie glory, left to right:
  1. Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark and his brother...
  2. Prince Joachim of Denmark, both of whom miraculously found their uniforms for the evening portion of the festivities.
  3. The Earl of Wessex, demonstrating that one of the problems with those tropical white uniforms is the maitre d' factor.
  4. Prince Michael of Kent, another that only brought an evening uniform.
  5. Prince Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands.
  6. Crown Prince Haakon of Norway.
  7. The Hereditary Prince of Liechtenstein, who managed to be photographed while his lovely wife, Sophie, seems to have escaped the cameras. 
  8. Prince Daniel of Sweden, a son-in-law supplement to Carl Gustaf and Carl Philip's father-son act.
And now for some non-ruling house gentlemen, left to right:
  1. The Duke of Braganza, who is 21 years older than his wife. They have three kids.
  2. The Duke of Anjou has three children with his wife Margarita, including twin boys born last year.
  3. The Count of Paris is currently married to his second wife; their marriage, not celebrated in the Catholic Church, caused serious tension with his father. (They were later able to marry in the Church after he received an annulment from the first wife.)
  4. The Duke of Castro is a godfather to Princess Josephine of Denmark, one of Frederik and Mary's twins.
  5. The Prince of Naples. In addition to being part of a royal knockout at the Spanish royal wedding, he also has a significant police record, including an acquittal for charges of unintentional homicide. He's a gem, this one.
  6. The Prince of Venice and Piedmont is married to Clotilde Courau, a French actress, who was six months pregnant when they wed.
And the last of the non-ruling gentlemen, left to right:
  1. The Margrave of Baden has four children with his wife the Margravine, a.k.a. Archduchess Valerie of Austria.
  2. The Hereditary Prince of Baden has three children with his wife Stephanie.
  3. Prince Georg Friederich of Prussia has known his future bride, Princess Sophie of Isenburg, since childhood.
  4. Prince Leopold of Bavaria is Prince Carl Philip's godfather.
  5. Crown Prince Alexander of Serbia. His jolly wife Katherine is actually his second wife; he was married and divorced previously.
  6. Prince Radu of Romania, a graduate of Bucharest's University of Drama and Film, was once involved with developing the first project in Romania for art therapy for orphans.
  7. Grand Duke George Mikhailovich of Russia was once intended to study at a Russian naval college, but those plans were abandoned over fears he'd be bullied. 
Any favorites in the eveningwear division?

Photos: Getty Images/Reuters/Daylife/Newscom/Belga