04 July 2011

The Prince and Princess of Monaco's Wedding: The Gentlemen, Part 1

Men, men, manly men, let's do our regular thing and appreciate them in their dashing morning suits and uniforms! Part 1, the men at the religious wedding:

The men and affiliated men of Monaco (I'll work on the name before I put the calendar out), from left to right:
  1. Andrea Casiraghi, oldest son of Princess Caroline. Anybody know what Andrea gets up to these days? I know as of last year he was working/interning at the Qatari Embassy in France.
  2. Pierre Casiraghi, second son of Princess Caroline. I don't know what he does either. I think he lives in Italy.
  3. Alex Dellal, boyfriend of Charlotte Casiraghi, and gallery owner in London.
  4. Louis Ducruet, son of Princess Stephanie and the bodyguard.
  5. Prince Christian of Hanover, and his older brother...
  6. Prince Ernst August (VI) of Hanover, sons of Caroline's estranged husband Ernst August (V). Nice that her stepsons came out in support, even though one imagines their father wasn't welcome!
Despite the white shoes being a touch too "elderly golfer", you have to love a tropical white uniform, right? Sweltering soldiers, left to right:
  1. King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden, grumpy-looking as ever. Grand Duchess Maria Teresa blew him a kiss when he came to his seat. Or maybe that was for Silvia...yeah, that seems more likely.
  2. Prince Carl Philip of Sweden, fresh off a Mediterranean vacation with his parents the King and Queen and his girlfriend, the pin-up.
  3. Prince Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands, well color-coordinated to his wife, Princess Máxima.
  4. The Earl of Wessex, representing Queen Elizabeth.
I bet these men were wishing they had a white uniform instead, outside in that heat. Those that melted, left to right:
  1. King Albert II of the Belgians. His sword slipped and bumped wife Queen Paola at one point, and he got a look, I'm telling you. Oh, the perils of the fancy uniform.
  2. Prince Philippe of Belgium, looking rather out of place in blue at this black and white uniform party.
  3. Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg, escorting the lovely kiss-blowing Maria Teresa.
  4. The Hereditary Grand Duke of Luxembourg. Those poor Lux boys, I think they had it worst for uniform hotness. (Hotness as in overheating, not as in hawtness. That's a different story.)
  5. Crown Prince Haakon of Norway. I've seen him in a white uniform before, I wonder why he didn't bring that one along? I don't know the rules.
And now for our non-uniformed friends, left to right:
  1. Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark. We should probably just be glad he didn't opt for red trousers to round the look out.
  2. Prince Joachim of Denmark. Where are the uniforms, Danish boys?
  3. Prince Laurent of Belgium. Yes, he fell down on the red carpet. Must resist the urge to laugh...
  4. Prince Daniel of Sweden, gamely sporting a baby blue tie to match his wife's blue outfit.
  5. The Hereditary Prince of Liechtenstein. Alois acts as regent of Liechtenstein for his father Prince Hans-Adam II.
  6. Prince Michael of Kent, sort of a surprise attendee.
  7. Prince Faisal bin Al-Hussein of Jordan, who was divorced after 20 years of marriage and four kids in 2008 and remarried last year.
 And now for some non-ruling house gentlemen, left to right:
  1. The Duke of Braganza. Duarte Pio is a claimant to the throne of Portugal.
  2. The Duke of Anjou. Louis Alphonse is a claimant to the throne of France.
  3. The Count of Paris, a.k.a. Prince Henri of Orléans, a.k.a the Duke of France, is also a claimant to the French throne. So...that's awkward.
  4. The Duke of Castro. Prince Carlo is one of two claimants to the head of the House of Bourbon Two-Sicilies, and is married to everybody's favorite over the top Barbie princess, Camilla.
  5. The Prince of Naples. Vittorio Emanuele is a claimant to the head of the House of Savoy. At a dinner the night before Felipe and Letizia's wedding, he punched his rival for that title (his cousin Amedeo, who had to be caught from falling over by poor Queen Anne-Marie of Greece). He should probably just be glad he got another royal wedding invitation.
  6. The Prince of Venice and Piedmont. Emanuele Filiberto is Vittorio Emanuele's son, lucky him.

And the last of the non-ruling gentlemen, left to right:
  1. The Hereditary Prince of Baden, whose father, the Margrave of Baden and the nephew of the Duke of Edinburgh, was also present.
  2. Prince Georg Friederich of Prussia is the head of the house of Hohenzollern. His marriage to Princess Sophie of Isenburg in August of this year will also be a celebration of 950 years of Hohenzollern.
  3. Prince Leopold of Bavaria, who used to be a champion race car driver.
  4. Crown Prince Alexander of Serbia is one of Queen Elizabeth's godchildren, and was christened in Westminster Abbey.
  5. Prince Radu of Romania is married to Crown Princess Margarita.
  6. Grand Duke George Mikhailovich of Russia is the son of that flamboyant Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna that we've all gotten to know and love in the past few days.
Which gentleman takes your prize for Most Dapper?

Photos: Getty Images/Reuters/Daylife/Newscom