29 July 2011

Royal Fashion Awards: Belgian National Day 2011

While I was away, the Belgians celebrated National Day with a concert, Te Deums at various locations, and a military parade. Knowing how they've spruced it up for National Days past, I had my hopes up for at least a few giggles this year. The verdict? Disappointingly tame. Regardless, we continue on with our usual shenanigans:

Best Spirit
Queen Fabiola
Electric blue tights. YES. There's no better way to say "I'm 83 years old, people seem to enjoy throwing death threats my way; I'll do what I please." Fab indeed.

Most Consistent
Princess Astrid
Astrid's like Princess Anne in that her best showings involve rocking the lady military uniform. She does have a bit of non-uniform game, though: the gold number's simple and elegant (if a bit of a wrinkly mess). Her daughter Princess Laetitia Maria made a cute companion in dual greens.

Most Typical
Princess Mathilde
Head-to-toe typical Mathilde on show this year, including one trend she seems to be catching lately: the copy cat. She wears Kate's Issa dress, followed by a near-replica of Máxima's royal wedding outfit...and now she turns up in Armani's version of Mary's dress from the Monaco wedding! What's up with that?

Best Dressed
Queen Paola
I'm usually not that impressed by Paola. I mean, she just doesn't stick out that much. And it's not that there's anything terribly memorable here either, but together: it's a nice showing. Cute polka dots and a flattering flower print? Why not?

Most Missed
Princess Claire
Princess Claire is the one that usually makes National Day so darn entertaining. She puts extra special care into her outfits, and I always appreciate her eye-searing efforts. Alas, with her husband's particular brand of misfit not currently welcomed with open arms at the royal court, she went M.I.A. Claire and Laurent attended only a popular street party with their children in tow. Shape up, Laurent: I'm going to need some LOLs next year from your better half!

Who made your best dressed list this year?

Photos: Hola/AP Photo/Reuters/Daylife/PurePeople/Abaca