01 July 2011

Royal Fashion Awards: The Prince & Princess of Monaco's Civil Wedding

Oh, those Grimaldis. They always seem to look like they just couldn't quite get the whole picture pulled together. Case in point: the absurdly curious dress code at today's civil wedding ceremony for Prince Albert and Charlene Wittstock. Let's all hold hands and figure it out together:

Best in Balcony
Princess Alexandra
 Left to Right: Pauline Ducruet, Princess Alexandra, Camille Gottlieb
The dress code confusion, you see, starts young. Stephanie's daughter Pauline and Caroline's daughter Alexandra look appropriate for a summer wedding, while Stephanie's other daughter Camille has come dressed for a costume cocktail party. We'll give this one to Alexandra, on account of the fact that I like her fancy little hairdo.

Best Beach Outfit
Charlotte Casiraghi
What a perfect outfit for a beach stroll, picnic basket in hand, maybe a dog or two tagging along. Well, maybe a beach wedding, if you want to get picky about your tulle usage. But a royal wedding in a palace? Not so much! (Also, memo to Charlotte: we know you like to do your pouty thing so we're sure to know that you're too cool for your surroundings, but you might want to pack it away for a wedding at which everybody already thinks the bride's about to bolt. People talk, you know.)

Worst Combination
Princess Caroline
Chanel dress: love it. Chanel dress a few inches too short with those shoes and a straw hat the size of Monaco: oh, no. Another recipient of the beach party dress code invitation, apparently.

Best of the Day
Princess Stephanie
Mark this down. Write it on your calendars: Princess Stephanie's got the best outfit of the day. It's hard to get past, you know, the tan, but this is completely classy. Clearly she received the covered up cocktail hour dress code.

Best Dress Code
The Gentlemen
 L to R: Andrea Casiraghi, Pierre Casiraghi, Louis Ducruet
Men have it so easy sometimes. Suit, tie, go. Le sigh. (No, I don't know what Andrea is smelling there.)

Most Questionable Bridal Dress Code
Princess Charlene
Kudos to Charlene for forging new territory in the land of civil wedding dresses, I guess - that territory being the land of half-formal, half-nightie pant suits, apparently! Charlene went to Chanel for her civil wedding look, and it's a head scratcher for sure. A strapless gown/jumper/romper underneath the traditional Chanel jacket in a most curious length and with one button undone, adding to my confusion. (She took the jacket off for the evening concert, see it here.) It's curiously matronly.

But since she is the bride, we can't deny her some praise: the brand-new Princess of Monaco was rocking some seriously fantastic hair and makeup. Also, this color is amazing on her. Mediterranean blue!
And she did look radiant. Perhaps a wee bit awkward with Albert (I'm not going to post the pics of them kissing, you're welcome), but absolutely glowing. My eyebrows are half raised and ready to see what new religious wedding gown territory she feels like blazing!

Who was your best- and worst-dressed for the civil wedding? And what's your take on the wedding trousers?

Still to come: concert fun, and tomorrow's religious wedding! Stay tuned!

Photos: Reuters/AP Photo/Daylife/Getty Images/Shaun Botterill/PP