29 July 2011

Royal Fashion Awards: Zara and Mike's Pre-Wedding Cocktail Party

Everybody in royal wedding mode? Cupcakes and cocktails at the ready? Excellent.

Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall tie the knot in Edinburgh Saturday, and they kicked things off on Friday by hosting a cocktail party on the retired royal yacht Britannia. A good indicator of what's to come tomorrow? Maybe yes, maybe no...

Best Relief
Zara Phillips
The first glimpse I got of the bride's ensemble this evening was from a wee pic on my mobile phone, furtively checked while I was supposed to be tending to far more important things. And I'm telling you, I thought - just for one panicked minute - that the girl had fashioned an acid-washed denim toga for herself. So you can imagine my relief when it turned out just to be some sort of tie-dyed and/or watercolored affair. I may be relieved, but I am slightly baffled still: a leopard/giraffe clutch? Huh?

Best Crystal Ball
The Duchess of Cambridge
This repeated Diane von Furstenberg from L.A. might as well be a crystal ball: we can see the future right here. I'll jump in with the rest of you and guess that we're about to see a weekend of repeats for Kate. A noble attempt to divert the attention on what is not her weekend. (I think we all know that won't work, but it's the thought that counts.)

Best Double Act
Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie
Eugenie in my very favorite color for her? Beatrice in my very favorite color for anyone (and a much improved appearance from the last time we saw that dress)? Sign me up! Also: a butterfly belt. Cheeky! Foreshadowing another memorable royal wedding ensemble, are we?

Best Glow
The Countess of Wessex
I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Sophie's stepping up her game, and I like it. She's tanned, freshly coiffed, and looking fantastic!

Worst Uniform
Princess Anne
Somebody didn't get the memo: this is a par-tay! Live it up! Don't come dressed in your regular old work uniform, even if you have busted out some cleavage. (While we're at it: anybody want to pool together and buy her some new shades? PLEASE?)

Best in Cocktail
Autumn Phillips
Much better. This is how we do cocktail. A great all-purpose flattering dress for Autumn!

Photos: Hello/Chris Jackson/Getty Images/Zimbio/Daylife/Reuters/Michael Dunlea/Barcroft Media/Daily Mail/Martin Rickett/PA Wire