21 July 2011

Tiara Thursday: The Festoon Tiara

Next up in our review of the Princess Royal's jewels is a jewel that no one else in the royal family has owned.

The Festoon tiara was a gift to Anne from the World Wide Shipping Group when she christened one of their ships in 1973. (A fact which makes me truly sad that such gifts would be frowned upon in today's public relations-obsessed world.)
It's a lovely, delicate diamond piece that Anne has worn frequently. One imagines it must be quite light, and the design is fairly short, which should make it easy to wear.
By my own guesstimation, this is tiara is probably the second most worn in Anne's collection (#1 is obviously coming up next week). It was, of course, the piece she loaned her daughter-in-law, Autumn Phillips, on her wedding day.
While Autumn's hair underneath could've used some help, I think it was the perfect piece for her.
This reminds me of Crown Princess Mary's wedding tiara, actually, but because the smaller upright elements are not so sparse - and there is more design happening horizontally - it avoids that spiky look. What do you think?

Photos: Hello/Fields