06 July 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Some Non-Royal Standouts in Monaco

When it comes to royal weddings, I usually have my eyes so peeled for royal wonders and disasters that the rest of the guests just blend into the background. At Monaco's royal wedding, though, there were a few non-royal guests that managed to burst through the haze...for reasons both tasteful and flamboyant. I suppose that's what you get when you invite the cream of Monte Carlo's colorful crop to your nuptials.

I absolutely loved Giorgio Armani's creation for his niece Roberta (above left) - interesting and chic, right up to the flower vase perched on her head. Also the picture of chic: Hélène Arnault (above right), who has no excuse not to be chic since her husband runs LVMH.

Though I found Bettina Wulff (below left) well-dressed, she was noticeable for her unseasonable outfit. How on earth did she not faint in the heat? Does that coat have fans on the inside?
Victoria Silvstedt (above right) was more appropriate for the weather, and surprisingly appropriate overall, though still strutting about like the Swedish Paris Hilton that she is.

Speaking of seasons, I adored Michelle Yeoh's pink cloche hat (below left), but couldn't abide by her brown Azzedine Alaia Christmas tree skirt.
And though Inès de la Fressange (above right) got her seasons correct, she also apparently received the beach party dress code from the civil ceremony.

In the world of models, Karolina Kurkova (below left) brought a Chanel Couture suit mullet for our entertainment - business on top, party on the bottom!
And Naomi Campbell (above right) was rather tasteful and elegant in McQueen, especially when you compare it to her evening outfit:
There are many times and many places for a Givenchy Couture like this, but at someone else's wedding reception? I suppose when you invite Naomi Campbell to your wedding, this is what you're signing up for.

As usual, there's always a worse option: Eva Cavalli, wife of Roberto Cavalli, who wins the worst-dressed title on the power of sheer tackiness alone:

Who stood out amongst the non-royal guests for you?

Photos: Getty Images/Daylife