08 July 2011

Week in Review: Crown Princess Victoria, 26 June - 2 July

Here's what Victoria wore from 26 June - 2 July:

  1. a) and b) Meeting the UAE's foreign minister at the Royal Palace, 28 June. Just odd all over, this one.
  2. a) At the wedding of the Prince and Princess of Monaco, 2 July, and b) the hat. And speaking of odd...I feel like this is Escada trying to do the ornamentation that only Elie Saab couture can pull off. Oh, V, you should just stick with Mr. Saab. Pretty please?
  3. a) At the evening ball, 2 July. I'm concerned about the belt detail (b). Plastic? What? Huh?
Not a spectacular week for one of my favorite royals. (Insert frowny face here.) Let's cleanse our palettes with some diamonds:
Ah, that's better.

Photos: Getty Images/Daylife/Svenskdam/Royal court