19 July 2011

Week in Review: Crown Princess Victoria, 10-16 July

Here's what Victoria wore from 10-16 July:

  1. Out for a walk.
  2. Attending a ceremony to unveil trees that she and Daniel received as wedding gifts, 13 July, a) on Victoria and b) from Diane von Furstenberg with those YSL heels. This is one of those things that I hate on the hanger, but actually on her it looks pretty good. (And hey: no ponytail!)
  3. Celebrating her 34th birthday, 14 July. Simple, but effective. 
  4. At her birthday concert, 14 July. 
It was a very cute week in Victoria Land, from delight at wedding presents and birthday fans...
...right down to getting drenched with the family while enjoying her birthday concert. Gotta love the trash bag rain protection!

Photos: Getty Images/AP Photo/Daylife