03 July 2011

Week in Review: The Duchess of Cambridge, 26 June - 2 July, Part 2

If you need a refresher, here's where we left off with The Adventures of Kate and Wills in Canada. Now, to finish out the week through Saturday:

1. Canada Day, 1 July, a) Kate's outfit, b) the Maple Leaf Brooch, c) the red shoes, d) the dress from Reiss, e) the hat from Lock and Company, f) the clutch from Anya Hindmarch.
Confession: I'm disappointed. If there was a day to get a new dress, and make it from a Canadian designer, today would have been the day! It's Canada Day! I can't help but think that it looks like she planned on repeating the Reiss dress from her engagement photographs, and at the last minute, panicked and realized it wasn't Canadian enough. Cue the red shoes and stuck-on maple leaves in the hat. There's just a lot going on here.

2. Evening concert on Canada Day, 1 July, a) on Kate, b) the dress from Issa, worn with Prada pumps and another Anya Hindmarch clutch, and c) the maple leaf brooch again with diamond earrings.
After the Maple Leaf Brooch (on loan from the Queen, also worn by the Queen Mother and the Duchess of Cornwall) spent most of the day underneath Kate's hair, she threw it in the evening mix with an updo (yes!) and a purple Issa dress. This one I like standing up, not sitting down. (Weird, right? That's me.)

3. Day 3 of the Canada trip, 2 July, a) the Kensington dress from Catherine Walker with an Anya Hindmarch clutch, b) the back detail (with a bonus precious wee one), c) gamely sporting a chef's coat, d) the shoes, and e) swapping to black Prada shoes and a black Anya Hindmarch clutch.
A brand new designer on parade: Catherine Walker, she of my favorite Diana gown ever (and Carole Middleton's wedding outfit and so much more). A savvy choice, as Walker was French. I love the sweet sleeve and neckline details, and you know I love the first shoes of the day. But later she switched back to basic black, leaving me to wonder if they were uncomfortable or if she (gasp!) got them muddy in a tree planting haze. I long for an updo, though. There was a lot of hair flicking, even more than usual, what with the planting and meeting kids and playing chef, plus the back detail of the dress really deserves to fly on its own.

And now I'd like to give a shout out to an unsung fashion star on this trip so far: Prince William.
Two cases in point: lookin' good at the concert, and pulling a Barack by losing the jacket while on a hospital visit. I like to spread the praise around, you know.

Yes, I know this doesn't bring us up to everything she's worn so far, but you'll have to sit tight. In the mean time, did any of these three tickle your fancy?

Photos: Just Jared/AP/Reuters/Daily Mail/Camera Press/Mark Stewart/Splash/Michael Dunlea/Bancroft Media