07 July 2011

Week in Review: The Duchess of Cambridge, 3 - 9 July, Part 2

Here's where we last left off on the great Canadian adventure, and now we forge on:

1. In Yellowknife, 5 July, a) on Kate, b) from By Malene Birger, c) with new Canada jerseys, accessorized with her nude clutch, nude LK Bennett pumps, and citrine earrings.
Random thoughts only for this one. Ready? Here we go:
  • Totally picked the hockey stick accessory pose over the standard clutching-the-clutch-in-front pose. I prefer my Kate a little looser and a little sassier.
  • Malene Birger's a surprise, not because of her style (very easy to see Kate being attracted to her demure, simple and feminine clothes), but because she's always identified as a Danish designer and label. Crown Princess Mary is her most important royal mannequin - until now, I suppose - along with Princess Marie and Crown Princess Victoria (to a lesser extent). Basically, I feel about this dress the same way I feel when other princesses wear Birger: nice. Not usually anything to write home about, but appropriate and all that other stuff.
  • Those LK Bennett shoes must be crazy comfortable, high heel and all. The president of LK Bennett probably wakes up every day and dances a little jig.
  • William wore a different tie! Still waiting for a suit shake-up. (They make them in different colors, you know. Gray...black...nearly tens of possibilities!)
  • Also: way to get jersey #1, girl! These two shall henceforth be known as Cambridge #1 and Cambridge #2. Well, henceforth for the rest of this post, at least.
Another gem (heh) from Yellowknife: presents from Harry Winston!
Cambridge Nos. 1-2 were presented with gifts of Canadian diamonds set in platinum, depicting the polar bear symbol of the Northwest Territories and imitating the traditional beadwork of the native tribes in the region. Cufflinks for him, a brooch for her. Baby's first official jewelry gift that you don't quite know where you'll ever wear but you know you'll have to wear sometime or else you'll tread all over your diplomatic goodwill! Awww. (You know, when the Queen gets such trinkets, she usually wears them before the trip ends. I'm just saying.)

2. Visiting Blatchford Lake, 5 July, a) Casual Cambridge in a button-down shirt, skinny jeans, and Sebago boat shoes again, b) sporting an honorary Canadian Ranger sweatshirt, and c) canoeing.
3. Paying a visit to Slave Lake, 6 July, repeating the Smythe blazer from departure and the black slingback wedges.
Not at all a fan of that top tucked into those jeans, but I am growing quite fond of those shoes. Which is odd, trust me, because that just ain't mah style. Anyway, they were also given hoodies, and they put them on this time just like the rules say to do, bless their hearts. (Picture of Cambridge #2 assisting Cambridge #1 with her hoodie strings included just for the fangirls. You're welcome.) The Slave Lake trip was an impromptu visit to a fire-ravaged community, and I think Cambridge One here picked just right for walking around the damaged area.

Photos: Getty Images/Daylife/AP/Daily Mail/Just Jared