08 July 2011

Week in Review: The Duchess of Cambridge, 3 - 9 July, Part 3

(Previously, on Kate n' Wills Take North America....) And now we've arrived at the end of the Canada trip, and the moment we've all been waiting for: the cowboy hats. Canadian Judgement Day, coming up:

1. Arrival in Calgary, 7 July, a) on Kate with the ubiquitous LK Bennett nude heels and LK Bennett clutch, b) from Jenny Packham, and c) and d) the problem with the thing.
Yellow! Girly! Sort of a wee Fifties flair with a dash of schoolgirl thrown in just for kicks! You know I love it. Sadly, though, I do think this highlights one of the reasons Kate should just get a dresser already. I mean, we know she's a DIY girl, but one can't help but think things might have turned out better if there'd been someone on wind forecast watch, standing by with a pencil skirt with an extra lead-weighted hem and a hair tie, just in case. For not only did Kate come perilously close to a Marilyn moment, she also was so busy taking care of her hair and her skirt that she and Wills did not put on the cowboy hats they were given at the famous White Hatting ceremony. A disappointment for the crowd, the photographers, and enough of a faux pas that their press secretary had to clarify that they weren't snubbing anyone. All was forgiven in the end, because Kate gave a 6-year-old girl with Stage 4 cancer and a dream of meeting a real princess a big hug (TEARS), and then this happened....

2. a) Reception at the Calgary Stampede, 7 July, in b) an Alice by Temperley top, jeans, and brown boots.
3. a) Opening the Stampede, 8 July, in Temperley London (b - the "Rodeo" top, natch) and jeans.
It's full-on Cambridge Cowboy Chic! Yeehaw, y'all! I watched the live stream of some of reception, and the whole thing was completely hilarious. I had no idea Canada had its very own Texas. Anyway, the kids do Western well, no? I think they win the prize for best rodeo royal appearance, wouldn't you say? Most especially Cowboy Wills, who looked right at home rocking the hands-on-hips stance. Let me know when Temperley starts opening mass boutiques in the south-central U.S., I'll buy some stock or something.

 4. a) and b) At the Calgary Zoo and departing Canada, 8 July, in Catherine Walker and sporting c) the Queen's Maple Leaf Brooch with her nude clutch and those nude LK Bennett shoes once again.
Red, finally! And the Queen's brooch worn the right way! Kate went out with a bang, didn't she? She looks fab in red, and this is princess perfect. I'm especially loving the wee flair at the bottom, and the sleeve length.

And with that, William and Catherine said goodbye to Canada. Next stop: Los Angeles! (Stay tuned for the one and only black tie event of the trip!)

Photos: Chris Jackson/Getty Images/Reuters/Daylife/AP Photo/Alice Temperley/Jenny Packham