04 July 2011

Week in Review: The Duchess of Cambridge, 3 July - 9 July, Part 1

Here's the last installment of Kate's North American trip wardrobe, now on to the next:

 1. Attending a morning prayer service and visiting Quebec City on day 4 of the trip, 3 July, a) on Kate and b) from Erdem, worn with her LK Bennett nude heels, nude clutch and sapphire/diamond earrings.
2. Finish up in Quebec and arriving on Prince Edward Island, 3 July, a) the Joseph dress on its own, b) with a jacket (see the tweed in c), d) the LK Bennett clutch.
Fact: Erdem makes things that are not blue lace dresses. I thought I'd tell you, just in case you didn't know. I'm a little bit flabbergasted that the "Frugal Duchess" bought two such similar dresses from the same pricey designer! I like this one much better (not navy, not so much lace, blue for Quebec), so I'm left with regrets that she'd switched up the first frock of the trip. I have no regrets on outfit 2, though - as soon as she added the pink tweed jacket, I fell in love! A perfect princess outfit, but still fresh. The waist on the dress and the length of the jacket are a match made in heaven. So far, my favorite outfit of the trip.

3. Visiting Province House in Charlottestown, 4 July, a) and b) from Alexander McQueen, worn with navy pumps and her diamond/sapphire earrings.
4. Watching William practice water landings in a Sea King, 4 July, a) and b) a ponytail shot. Then racing dragon boats (c) in a Nike windbreaker, boat shoes and skinny jeans, and pulling a Grace van Cutsem (d), in black wedge slingbacks.
The McQueen is jaunty in a sort of old-timey croquet way, like she could have borrowed her inspiration from something the Queen Mother would have worn for sport in her day. Fitting for a visit to Prince Edward Island, land of Anne of Green Gables. It's much better in movement, hence the second shot there, because it needs a little more shape and a little more attitude (which might be why I like it better on Sarah Jessica Parker - and you know how I feel about navy). She made a good hair choice for a windy, rainy day with her ponytail, and I don't have much to say about the sportswear - other than I am ashamed of Prince William for busting out those nasty trainers again (and am very, very sad for the person that had to clean them up), and I wish they would have worn the Canada jerseys they were given for the dragon boat race. They broke the rules! Should've been festive and gone for it, kids.

5. Arriving in Yellowknife for the next leg of the tour in the navy trench and navy heels, 4 July.
After careful consideration, and in spite of my Kate-spawned animosity towards navy blue, I have decided that I need that trench. I promise to wear it in a fashion that will make it easy for you to tell that I've not gone stripper underneath without a squint and a prayer.

Do you have a favorite outfit so far? How are you feeling about navy?

Photos: Reuters/Daylife/AP/Daily Mail/Bancroft Media/Michael Dunlea/Just Jared