10 July 2011

Week in Review: The Duchess of Cambridge, 3 July - 9 July, Part 4

We last left off with William and Kate departing Canada for Los Angeles, and now we return for some royal Hollywood fun:

1. Arriving in Los Angeles, 8 July, a) on Kate, and b) from Roksanda Ilincic, worn with peach-ish shoes and her LK Bennett clutch.
2. Attending a reception, 8 July, a) and b) on Kate, and c) the front, d) the back of the dress from Diane von Furstenberg, carrying a leopard print clutch by DVF and in nude shoes.
The lavender...please. You know I love it. Shape, interest, perfection. (Everybody's calling it blue or blue/gray? Looks lavender as originally reported to me!) The green...that's a different story. I should love it, given how I always stand by the sidelines with my rainbow pom-poms in hand, rooting for some color. But I really really don't. DVF dresses are supposed to be magical curve-creating machines, but this one looks like an oversized sweatshirt re-cut into a dress.

3. Polo for their charitable foundation at the Santa Barbara Polo and Racquet Club, 9 July, a) on Kate, b) from Jenny Packham, c) a close up on the hand-painted dress design, d) new shoes from LK Bennett, the Sliver shoe.
Wasn't sure how I felt about the general sleeve area, but I'm going with: LOVE IT. And not just because of the dress, but because of the way they blew through the red carpet (so awesomely un-Hollywood) and because of Polo Wills, which is right up there with Cowboy Wills in my affections. And hey: the LK Bennett Sledge shoes have been given a much-needed rest! New nude heels, and - sit down for this one - no pantyhose. (As we all breathe a collective sigh of relief that she's not an open-toe stockings-wearer.) I also love it because, when asked what she was wearing, Kate said: "I'm sure you know by now." See, I told you I like my Kate a little bit sassy.

4. a) At the BAFTA Brits to Watch event, 9 July, with b) earrings borrowed from the Queen, c) Jimmy Choo shoes and d) a diamond bracelet and Jimmy Choo clutch.
It really is a very pretty dress. It's lilac, and it's McQueen, and it's twirly. The shoes are positively Vegas-worthy, pure sparkle. There's borrowed bling and bling that's all her own. And it keeps fully in line with the right strategy: nothing special for Hollywood, one is not a starlet. And yet I really wanted an honest-to-gawd hairdo for a change. Go ahead, fine, stick me in the pillory if you must! I wanted something show-stopping. I tweeted that I knew I shouldn't get my hopes up, and I was right. But I'm always cheering for the greatest amount of fabulous humanly possible (especially when the Queen's earrings are involved!), that's just me. Et toi?

Photos: Just Jared/Net-a-porter/XclusivePix/Daily Mail/Polyvore/Matches/Lionel Hahn/PA