18 July 2011

Week in Review: Princess Letizia, 10-16 July

Here's what Letizia wore from 10-16 July:

  1. Audiences at Zarzuela Palace and a luncheon for the President of Panama, 11 July. Was it National M.C. Hammer week in Spain?
  2. At the Culture National Awards, 12 July. WAS IT? This is not at all legit, and should be quit immediately.
  3. Visiting Montserrat Abbey, 14 July. I'm checking...I'm checking...okay, not a trace of Hammer.
  4. At the AIJEC 25th Anniversary Gala, 14 July. I just still can't believe she busted out my 2 least favorite pairs of trousers and wore them back to back. I care not about the rest of the week. (And there you have the fundamental problem with the Hammer pants.)
  5. Attending graduation at the naval academy, 16 July. Oh, except that she did it again. I don't get it.
Photos: Daylife/Getty Images/Reuters Pictures/Hoymujer