09 July 2011

Week in Review: Princess Mathilde, 26 June - 2 July

Here's what Mathilde wore from 26 June - 2 July:

1. Laying a wreath at the Battle of the Bulge Memorial in Arlington National Cemetery during the economic mission to the U.S., 26 June. What a pretty outfit. Shame about that dish sponge on her head.
2. Visiting the Whittal Pavilion at the Library of Congress, 27 June, a) on Mathilde and b) from Natan. I am required to like this, due to the Fifties flair going on here. We all have our weaknesses, and this is one of mine.
3. At the Flemish League Against Cancer, 30 June, a) full view and b) the top. Oh, no, thankfully I am not required to like this. Massive Natan fail, so shapeless!

4. Arriving in Monaco, 1 July. I think we need more Mathilde in sunglasses. It's sort of...dare I say it...bad ass. (Now there's a way to describe Mathilde that I never thought I'd use.)
5. Attending the concert/reception before the religious wedding, 1 July. Still a Christmas tree, still ruining whatever bad ass cred she just obtained.
6. At the wedding of the Prince and Princess of Monaco, 2 July, a) on Mathilde, and b) the style from Armani Privé.
7. At the evening ball, 2 July. I'd say getting the wedding gown designer to do you up a few pieces for the occasion is a pretty smart move indeed, wouldn't you?

Also, Mathilde did her piece to keep hold of her title of Blingiest Wedding Guest, which we can all appreciate.
Her brooch for the wedding belongs (or belonged, perhaps it was a gift) to Queen Fabiola, and in addition to her standard laurel wreath tiara, she seems to have brought a new necklace to the evening festivities. A+ for magpie effort indeed, especially considering she could have gotten away without a necklace on a gown like that!

Photos: Newscom/Natan/Style.com/Svenskdam/Hola/Bekia