26 August 2011

Flashback Friday: Mette-Marit's Greatest Hits

One last celebration of Mette-Marit's ten years of royal life: her greatest sartorial hits. She's gone from a plain, no makeup girl in ill-fitting suits to a Valentino-hoarding princess with the ability to kill any gala appearance tucked in her pocket. One of my favorite transformations, to be sure. The highlights, according to me:

In true Nordic princess fashion, Mette-Marit loves her white, and sometimes I love it too, especially when it's truly clean and simple. (Or, of course, in amazing wedding dress format.)

That said - I never, ever, object to a shot of vibrant color.

Not every gala appearance of hers is magical, but when she's on point, she's one of the best.

Sometimes her penchant for ruffles can be a bit tiring, but other times...
...it's the perfect complement to her minimalist day style.

She also has a track record of excellent maternity style:
Really, her whole wardrobe from the family's official visit to the United Kingdom while she was pregnant with Prince Sverre Magnus is worthy of some love.

(You know, I didn't intend for this post to be so pink and purple and blue, but I guess I have a Mette-Marit fashion type.)

There's something that I love about her even more than the gala gowns, though: SHOES.
This is a princess that can rock a serious shoe. And so long as she continues to do so, her neutral-loving outfits are all right with me.

If you can believe it, though, my absolute favorite Mette-Marit appearances don't involve tiaras or shoes (well, okay, shoes are involved, but you know what I mean).
Making a national costume look less "costume" and more "everyday" is a talent, I think, and this one has it in spades. Here's to many more stylish years!

What are your favorite Mette-Marit outfits?

Photos: Getty Images/Tim Graham/ANP/Belga/Svenskdam