23 August 2011

Week in Review: Crown Princess Victoria, 14-20 August

Here's what Victoria wore from 14-20 August:

  1. At the annual "Swede of the Year" awards, 17 August, the very same day her pregnancy was officially announced. Glowing in the face and in the dress: this is so vibrant! Love.
  2. a) Opening the 39th Nordic Convention of Lawyers (sounds like a party), 18 August, in b) a dress from Mayla. A purple overdose. I am obliged to love it.
  3. Attending Daniel's sister's wedding, 20 August, in a Malina dress. A whole week without a single neutral dress in sight. Bliss, I tell you!
Photo:  Billed Bladet/AOP/Reuters Pictures/Daylife/Mayla/Aftonbladet