17 August 2011

Week in Review: Princess Letizia, 31 July - 6 August

Here's what Letizia wore from 31 July - 6 August:

  1. Attending the Copa del Rey Audi Mapfre Sailing Cup in Palma de Mallorca, 2 August. That is one short dress, friends! She's had at least one infamous upskirt moment in the past...so I suppose she knows best about threats to her modesty and such...but, you know.
  2. At a concert, 2 August. At first glance, I thought she'd opted for wearing scarves on her shirt print instead of actual scarves. You know, for a summer switch-up. But I think it's actually jellyfish or something like that. Anyway, I like her fancy magenta trousers.
  3. Shopping in Palma de Mallorca, 4 August.
  4. Attending a dinner for the 30th anniversary of the Copa del Rey, 4 August. Here again, I got it wrong on first viewing: totally looked like a long shirt over a short skirt. But once I cleared my eyes and saw that it was a dress, I decided that I'm on board.
  5. At the royal family's traditional summer dinner at Almudaina Palace, 5 August. I am on the record as a staunch jumpsuit/romper-hater, and this certainly isn't going to change my mind. Here's my rule: if it looks like it came from the Juicy Couture summer collection, leave it out of the official realm.
  6. Dining with the whole family, 6 August.
  7. At the Palma Nautic Club, 6 August. A perfect outfit for visiting one's husband on the sailboat. (Also the perfect outfit for making me jealous of those can wear all white and not get dirty 5 seconds after putting it on, but that's a whole different issue.)
Photos: Daylife/Getty Images/Purepeople/Abaca