02 September 2011

Flashback Friday: Princess Marie's Maternity Style

Last week, Princess Marie and Prince Joachim of Denmark announced that they were expecting their second child together (and his fourth) - proving, I suppose, that when it rains, it pours. So how about a little look back at some of the highlights of Marie's maternity style from the first time around? (Be sure to read through to the end for some tiara news...)

Evening maternity wear is tricky business, no? Marie happens to be the owner of one of my favorite royal maternity gowns ever: the midnight blue dream second from left up there. Please please please can we see it again this time?
Turns out, her maternity style is pretty much the same as her regular style: not bad, not amazing. She does prove how quickly a fantastic piece can go downhill, though, with the coat seen twice on the right above. The first photo of that coat is divine, worn all on its own, but it sure does get a wee bit circus-y with a tiny hat and some wide-legged trousers.

And here we have a few of the things we've seen her in during this pregancy, with special love to the casually elegant outfit on the right:
Now, the tiara news. Do you see her examining something in the third photo there? That's her new tiara. Aww, yeah.

The details:
Whether this modern piece will be Marie's property or just something she can borrow at her leisure (like Mary's Midnight Tiara) remains unclear. Now, I am generally not a huge fan of modern designs, especially ones that are sparse on the diamonds; but as always, I will await its debut appearance before judging. And either way, I'm just glad the girl has a second tiara option - she's been among the most jewel-poor princesses since she married!

So...anybody know when the next Danish tiara event will be?

Photos: Billed Bladet/Belga/Flora Danica