30 September 2011

An Important Question

My friends, I have a terribly important question to ask you today:

What's your favorite tiara?

Yes, one favorite. All right, you can name your desert island 5 if you must. Because I'm benevolent.

But listen: you want to chime in here. Because I'm counting. And it might just have something to do with a little thing I'm cooking up. So make sure you speak up for your favorite(s).

Need ideas? Check out the Jewel Central page for a refresher on the tiaras we've covered so far as well as links to the events that have featured lots of ladies with tiaras blazing.

Leave a comment, tweet at me {@orderofsplendor}, or send me some e-mail {orderofsplendor at hotmail dot com}. And if you don't want to do any of the above, hit the "LIKE" button on a comment if someone's hit your faves already, and I'll count that too.

Now, I suppose you want to know my answer. Fine, I'll tell you.

The truth is, my tiara affections are fickle. I'm liable to flit between favorites in any given 15 minute span. But if I had to settle down into a monogamous sparkly relationship with just tiara only, it would be this baby:
The Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara, a.k.a. The Most Perfect Tiara Ever

Now, your turn: GO!
Photo: Xinhua/Reuters