20 September 2011

Royal Fashion Awards: Prinsjesdag 2011

Ready for some Dutch fun today, my friends? It's time for Prinsjesdag, where Queen Beatrix gives her annual speech, Parliament's session is opened, the ladies wear some of the fanciest outfits they'll sport all year, and we give out some royal fashion awards:

Best Effort
Queen Beatrix
The Queen Bee turned up in her regular uniform of upholstery fabric with a spaceship on top. But look, she's added some flair for the occasion: a lion's mane of feathery whatnot. You have to appreciate the effort, at least.

Worst Contrast
Princess Máxima
My favorite magpie compensated for the fact that she's not allowed to wear a tiara with a dress covered in sparkly glass beads, which she inexplicably topped with Indiana Jones's hat. I know Indy dresses mostly in dull dirt-covered beige, but this is more of a washed out shade of seafoam.

Most Tame
Princess Laurentien
She's almost unrecognizable, this is so tame. I mean, she does appear to have a sand dollar complete with sea refuse on her head, but still: this is tame. In fact, both she and Máxima are totally boring me today. Where's the color, ladies?

Best Color
Princess Margriet
Here we go. Thank heavens for Princess Margriet, who must psychically know just what we need and just when we need it. Automatic best-dressed of the day.

Who's catching your eye at Prinsjesdag this year?

Photos: Daylife/Reuters/Lehtikuva/PPE/Nieboer/ddp/Langbehn