06 September 2011

Week in Review: Crown Princess Mette-Marit, 28 August - 3 September

Here's what Mette-Marit wore from 28 August - 3 September:

  1. Attending a relative's confirmation, 28 August. Back in national dress, just like I like her.
  2. At the welcome ceremony beginning the state visit from South Africa to Norway, 31 August. What a difference a red lip makes, am I right?
  3. a) The state banquet, 31 August, in b) Valentino. Well, it's a different take on the ruffles she's so fond of, I'll give her that. Actually, I'm digging the dress, I'm just not sure about the hippie-esque vibe alongside her orders and tiara. Even if her tiara is made of daisies.
  4. Visiting Zurich International School, 1 September.
  5. At the opening of the One Young World Summit in Zurich, 1 September. LOVE. Perfect LBD for her.
It's a state visit, so we'd better do a tiara roundup:
Mette-Marit in her Diamond Daisy Tiara, Queen Sonja in her massive emeralds, and Astrid...oh, Astrid! These are her wings. (See also: horns, antennae, and feathers - which is what they're actually supposed to be.) Every time she wears this, she takes another step up on my list of royals I'd like to have a drink with. You just can't sport something like that without a great sense of humor.

Gown check:
I think that's a new gown for Sonja, and a passable one at that; and a multi-repeat from Astrid, per usual. Plus a rather...erm...bountiful gown for the South African First Lady there. Wow.

Photos: fvn.no/Kristin Ellefsen/siste.no/Valentino/blich.ch/Schweizer Illustrierte