19 September 2011

Week in Review: Crown Princess Victoria, 11-17 September

Here's what Victoria wore from 11-17 September:

  1. Attending a boat detachment as part of the Sustainable Seas seminar, 12 September. So this is basically just the navy version of the black one she has.
  2. At the International Paralympic Committee meeting in the Netherlands, 13 September. And this is basically the maroon version of all the rest of the dresses she's worn so far in the pregnancy.
  3. Attending the opening of the Swedish Parliament, 15 September. But THIS is how you do it, see. This is how we do the sorta-maternity wear.
  4. At the Opera House, continuing the Parliament celebrations, 15 September. And this is NOT. No, no. I know some of you have given Vic here a free pass on account of how adorably happy she is, but this is a shower curtain and a tent and a muumuu, and she's too cute to be dressed like that. Also, I find the necklace a bit dubious.
Strange. Queen Silvia was thoroughly typical for the whole Parliament extravaganza, which leaves Madeleine to be my star.
She's so hit and miss, but when she gets it right, I think her take on the trendy young princess look is the best one around. (And in case you're wondering: black and white is the dress code for the Parliament opening, they didn't just all wake up feeling boring.)

Photos: lehtikuva,fi/Bekia/Expressen/Stella Pictures/Belga