28 September 2011

Week in Review: Princess Máxima, 18-24 September

Here's what Máxima wore from 18-24 September:

  1. Attending the baptism of Princess Margarita's daughter Paola, 18 September (Margarita is Willem-Alexander's cousin).
  2. a) Prinsjesdag, 20 September, with b) a close up on the beadwork.
  3. Receiving a book of poetry and attending the premiere of a musical, 21 September.
  4. Opening the World Music Contest, 22 September. A sparkly delight repeated from the Qatar state visit.
  5. In Washington, D.C. attending the International Monetary Fund and World Bank meetings, 23 September. Well, I suppose if anyone can pull off the double animal print, it's Máx...
You really can't see what she wore for outfit 1 but it doesn't matter because Holland's next top models were in the house:

Photos: Profimedia/Dutch Photo Press/PPE/Nieboer/Getty Images/Daylife