24 October 2011

Royal Fashion Awards: The American-Scandinavian Foundation's Centennial Ball

America's just riddled with royals at the moment! Prince Harry's been making his way through southern California's selection of cocktail waitresses on his way to Arizona for military training, while Princess Beatrice acted as boyfriend Dave's plus one in New Mexico and Las Vegas. But the main royal gathering happened over the weekend in New York City as a whole slew of Scandinavian royals on separate visits to the U.S. collided to celebrate with the American-Scandinavian Foundation and give us something sartorial to talk about (the real purpose of their trips, I'm quite sure...).

Best...uh...Assets? I don't know.
Crown Princess Mary
I am in love with the idea of this: the interesting neckline, the sort of va-va-voom quality of this shimmery fabric, the usage on the whole of a shimmery fabric for a non-tiara event. But I am in, well, not hate, per se, but dislike with a single raised eyebrow at the execution. That's one clingy dress, m'lady! In some pictures it's perfectly lovely, but in others...whoa. Kudos for the after-babies bod and all, but I'm just not sure we needed to see all of that.

Best Bling
Queen Silvia
Who you gonna call when the dress code says no to tiaras? Queen Silvia! (She's like the Ghostbusters, only prettier.) There's a brooch in the hair and a tiara (her modern fringe tiara) around the neck. A+. Oh, and PURPLE! Yay.

Best in Typical
Princess Madeleine
She's got a taste for strapless dresses that just make you want to give them a wee tug north, doesn't she? That said: she does look awfully pretty here. I love the styling.

Worst in Typical
Queen Sonja
Oh, man. I do not get her taste sometimes. She looks like she's being strangled to death by lace and pearls. Which, I suppose, if you've got to go, that might be the way to bow out, but still. She did put a brooch in her hair too, to be fair, but it takes a lot more than that to make up for the gown.

Best in Scandinavian...wait, huh?
Princess Tatiana
Just me that wondered why Nikolaos and Tatiana of Greece took their globe trotting party machine to the American-Scandinavian bash until suddenly remembering that they are princes of Greece and Denmark? Fine, whatever. Smartypants. Anyway: it's always hard to see what she's wearing, on account of the posing (argh), but I'm sold enough on what I can spy here to give the evening's prize to her. Lovely red, little bit of interest, and easier to move in than some of these other gowns.

Who was your best-dressed for the night?

Photos: Zimbio/Daylife/Getty Images/CTK/Bekia