12 October 2011

Royal Fashion Awards: Spain's National Day

Oh, kittens. It was a pretty day in Spain, and I'm not talking about the weather. As much as I delight in a good fashion disaster (sheer entertainment value, you know), sometimes it's just nice to sit back and enjoy some elegant ladies do their royal thang. Like so:

Best Pastel
Queen Sofia
How cute is this? You know I'm dying for the purple, and her take on the three-quarter length suit sleeve is especially fetching given our recent discussion about Letizia's pushed up jackets.

Prettiest in Pink
Infanta Elena
Two levels: a wee bit of Pretty in Pink on the jacket there, and a truly pretty in pink lace skirt. Might I suggest jumping on the Máxima and Mathilde train and crafting a matching jacket for next time, Your Royal Highness?

Best in Spectator
Felipe Juan Froilán and Victoria Federica
Elena's kids watched from the sidelines with friends. That Felipe looks like an impish little fellow, no?

Biggest Relief
Princess Letizia
After a casual break last year, it was nice to see her get her princess on in such a tasteful suit. That color really brings out her coloring, doesn't it?

Best of the Day
Infanta Cristina
Jumpy claps, I tell you. This is a beautiful dress and jacket. Just amazingly well constructed. I like it all, especially her hair which is looking particularly lovely. And I am most certainly awarding extra points for the husband factor, thank you very much.

Who wins your best dressed for this year's National Day?

Photos: Bekia/Zimbio