14 October 2011

Things That Make You Go Hmm...: The Hollywood Royals

Is it fair to judge someone fairly on the outskirts of royal life by royal standards? Maybe not, but life's rough. And sometimes things just look ridiculous, royal or not.

Sophie Winkleman, also known as Lady Frederik Windsor, is the daughter-in-law of Prince and Princess Michael of Kent.  She and Freddles live in L.A. She's an actress. And this is her Armani-clad sideboob:
Enough with the boobage and the harem pants. One is not Beyonce.

If you're going to go the ironic tuxedo route, at least cover it up like Charlotte Casiraghi did.
Though it's worth mentioning that one is not the Clark Kent of Monaco, I think.

Sometimes the fashion has nothing to do with it. I was delighted to see one of my favorite stylish royals, Princess Tatiana of Greece, out and about; I think she looks absolutely gorgeous. But then she had to go and do that thing she does with the starlet posing.
Knock it off. One is no longer in the running to become Greece's Next Top Model.

Likewise, I'm always happy to see Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece and her socialite couture-heavy style. When I first saw her red dress, I was in love - she's actually wearing color!
And then I got the full length view.
It's like my two least favorite sorts of shoes - brogues and SHOOTIES - mated and gave birth to this mixed species animal baby. One should really stop competing with one's self for the title of oddest pair of leopard print shoes. Hmm indeed.

Photos: Getty Images for Giorgio Armani/Daily Mail/Life/Newscom/Billy Farrell Agency/Style.com/Vogue